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Shipping Scales Perfect for Ebay Selling

I decided I wanted to sell some items on eBay and did not have an accurate but inexpensive scale to determine shipping costs. It is hard to find an accurate scale with weight ranges: from as small as a letter or size 4 (9.5″ x 14.5″) mailer, all the way up to a package weighing 110 pounds.

The American Weigh Scales SE-50 scale does it all! The weight is broken down into lbs and ounces and is very accurate. I love that the scale is both AC and battery operated.

American Weigh Scales SE-50

Perfect Portable Oil filled Heater

Bought theĀ Optimus H-6010 Portable Oil Filled Radiator to lower my propane bills. Works nicely. Definitely a good trade off on electric bill to propane bill. I now have two of these, and they do a tremendous job of heating both a large room in my basement and a walk-in closet/bathroom that for some reason never stays warm. Pretty much, this is big enough for that room you’re thinking of.

Optimus H-6010 Portable Oil Filled Radiator

Hot Towel Cabinet for small places

This hot towel cabbie is perfect for my wife’s needs. She has a small massage practice and the warmer fits perfectly on a small shelf in her office. She can quite easily fit 6 washcloth sized towels as well as 2 hand towels that she uses for the back. The unit performs well and it maintains heat well and heats up pretty quickly. Another plus is that it is also easy to clean. We are actually considering buying another unit for a second treatment room.

Hot Towel Cabbie - Mini

The Great X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener

After wearing out a couple of battery-operated pencil sharpeners over the years, I decided to find an electric one. I like this one because it looks more like an art object that a functional sharpener. However, it works just fine. I particularly like the ease of emptying it.

X-ACTO Spira Electric Pencil Sharpener